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Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince trailer is creepy cool!

Hey folks, Harry here... You know - watch this trailer... how creepy is that lil' boy evil bastard? I mean just within the trailer there's more menace and foreboding than in the entirety of the whole Anakin tale. I get that George wanted to show a good boy gone bad, but he ultimately didn't nail that transition - and I think it is because we all knew he was gonna be Darth Vader from the get go, so the whole time he's good, we know he's gonna be bad and what we love about Darth Vader is just how bad he is. And Lucas basically took that away from the character by pansification. Whereas here - we all know this boy is going to become the personification of evil and within a trailer - they've caused my neck hairs to stand on end and I'm looking for the sacred seven daggers and watching out for sheet glass. Check it out for yourself. This is looking great!

Click Here to watch Ralph Fiennes' creepy scary nephew play the young him!

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