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New TR2N Comic Con Teaser - Crappy Copy Gone- Boo Hoo!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... I'm a TRON geek. Hardcore. It opened at the exact right time for my brain to be responsive to it. And all you "youngsters" that poop on the film.... Fuck way the fuck off. TRON started it all - It created a desire, a very strong desire, for more dimensional video games. I mean at the time - vector games couldn't even be skinned - This film had graphics, enhanced by old-school Disney Cel animation that blew our collective minds. The idea of avatars with different names representing users in the real world - pretty much became our Internet reality - and the look of the film - Fucking Beautiful. If the film is ever playing near you in 70mm - you must see it. That said, a sequel could be astonishing given the advances in visual technology. Below is a demonstration of visually how fucking cool a new TRON movie could be. It takes its visual nod from the original brilliance of Jean Giraud (Moebius) - but watching this footage - it just really fires me up. It just needs desperately to be available on APPLE in HD. It's very important that I have this in 1080p. Really. I mean, all of us. This looks awesome even in shitty vision.

Disney asked that I pull the link - and they seemed to insinuate the possibility that they'll be doing a right awesome version... maybe... if we all by year round tickets to Disneyland. I got mine!

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