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NBC Has Posted
The Entire ComicCon Panel For Its Ian McShane Alternate-Universe Drama KINGS!!

I am – Hercules!!
“Kings” is NBC's retelling of The Bible’s David Story, set in a world with skyscrapers and cell phones. (A flashback depicts a soldier named David battling a tank called Goliath.) It’s from writer-producer Michael Green, whose credits include “Smallville,” “Jack & Bobby,” “Everwood” and “Heroes.” It stars many pretty youngsters and "Deadwood's" Ian McShane (who was promoted for the panel but never showed). It's currently set to premiere in February. The whole poorly miked Thursday ComicCon panel, hosted by “Heroes” icon Greg Grunberg:

The Book About The Book!!

$19.99: From The Earth To The Moon!! It Was $51.99 Two Weeks Ago!!

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