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Some details have emerged on that TRON 2 footage screened at Comic-Con!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. After I posted the TRON 2 story earlier in the day, I did a run of 6 interviews, then hit a screening of FANBOYS. I just now got back to the hotel and I found a little info waiting for me in the inbox. Disney is being incredibly secretive on this. I think they even sent out a statement that said essentially that there is no statement. But here's what I found out via a source I cannot name, but knew a whole lot about the footage shown, including details that I haven't seen reported yet, so I'm inclined to believe him/it/her: - The 3 minutes is a promo, not from the film itself. - It was directed by Joe Kosinski, who is also slated to direct the feature. If you own an Xbox 360 you probably know his work with his awesome CG animated commercials for GEARS OF WAR and HALO 3. Check 'em out below:
- The footage was originally done to be shown in stereoscopic 3-D, but the right eye wasn't finished in time, so it screened in 2-D. - The Evil Flynn from the piece, the badass 1982 Flynn that takes a disc to that poor blue bastard, is apparently Flynn's program from the original, Clu, not Flynn himself. I'm definitely down to find out more, so if you got the scoop, drop me an email. -Quint

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