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RED SONJA poster finds a home on MTV via Comic Con - Now with Details from the Panel!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... I talked to Rodriguez about RED SONJA in one of our recent chats - he's not directing the film as initially reported, but he is producing it. This poster though would seem to hint (hopefully) at the visual motif and style he's going for. That scarlet rose red hair on Rose as Red Sonja is stunning - and I'm very curious to hear the details from the panel today with Robert & Rose... Does he have a director yet? Are they cool? What sort of scale are we going to get? Why isn't he directing this? Who is? And why isn't he doing a giant CONAN movie?

Click Here To See The RED SONJA Poster!

and here's one that MTV didn't get from Mr Flibble:

And here's a report on the panel from Rymong...

Harry, Great site! Keep up the amazing work! I was at Comic Con today and attended the majority of the Red Sonja panel. Here's some tidbits: --Director will be Douglas Aarniokoski. He was at the panel with Rodiriguez and McGowan. --Rodriguez said he will be heavily involved in the production; even shooting some scenes. He took a Producer credit to avoid problems he had like with Sin City and the D.G.A. --They said this will be an origin story inspired by the old and new comics and having little to do with the original film. --They focused on this being "a tale of vengeance" --Rodriguez wouldn't name the villain(s) at this point. And, other than McGowan no casting decisions have been made. --Rodriguez mentioned wanting to do a Conan companion piece in the same mood and visual style as this Red Sonja. --McGowan said she is about to begin training with the sword choreographer who worked on the Matrix films and one of the top free running/parkour people in the world. Sorry, didn't catch their names (though the sword guy is not Woo-ping Yuen). I inferred that they are hoping for a kinetic fighting style that moves dynamically over the environment. If you use all or some of this call me Rymong.

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