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More on that LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT story!!!

Hello Classic Film Enthusiasts, Harry Here - doing my best to call as much attention as humanly possible to this alleged print of LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT which was filed under THE HYPNOTIST and is apparently in an MGM vault waiting to be uncovered by someone from Time-Warner / Universal - SOMEONE that can preserve this miraculous hopeful discovery! Below is a letter from a fellow that is known to AICN - and is trusted and further corroborates the story details from THIS STORY regarding the discovery of the lost Holy Grail of Silent Cinema... LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT!!! Each day that there is not an official follow-up by the powers that be is a black mark on everyone involved in film restoration. This is a solid lead on LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT, somebody be the hero. Find the film. Restore it and bring it to us, the adoring masses that covet the work of Lon Chaney Sr.

Hello Harry, Drew - Drew, I met you at the DREAMS WITH SHARP TEETH screening last year. I work for Erik Nelson (GRIZZLYMAN, DREAMS WST, ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD) and check the site about every half hour while at work. I read the linked, long article about LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT that Harry posted this morning. As I was reading, I saw the name "Lori DeWitt, tall, georgeous blond", and I thought - no, it can't be HER. Turns out that Lori is Erik Nelson's personal assistant (and she is tall, geourgeous, and incredibly kind and friendly). So I went and asked her if this Sid Terror guy who wrote the article was trustworthy and a straight up guy. She looked over the article, and completely vouched for his veracity and the details of the article, saying that he is a very honest and integritous fellow, and that if he says he saw the print, he really did. I notice on the talkbacks that some people are calling him and his article "opportunist" just to get his name out there, but it looks like he really did see what he saw. She still talks to him often and trusts his word. I hope his coming out helps find that print! anyway - thanks for the site - Patrick Martin

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