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Quint has a ton of pics from the floor of Comic-Con! SPIRIT, WATCHMEN, GOON, Weta's HALO line, NECA and more!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with some pics from the floor of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. But first, check out this creepy thing I saw on the way to the convention:

Let’s start out with a little look back. I remember going out the year before SPIDER-MAN came out and back then preview night was sparsely attended and that early walk around the floor provided a much needed uncrowded moment to explore the hall, the new booths and gave you a chance to enjoy the sellers, flip through some comics or posters or toys. That doesn’t exist anymore. Now preview night looks like this:

And this year they’re finally treating this as the first day of the Con. If it’s going to be this busy, it might as well be. They showed the JJ Abrams pilot FRINGE, which Capone caught and will be writing up tonight. Most of the booths selling Con exclusives began their lines today as well. What you’re going to see below are a lot of pics from the floor with little description. The Con is in full swing tomorrow, so look for reports from the thick of things from me, Beaks and Capone. The coolest stand is easily WB’s booth, where they’ve shipped in Nite Owl’s ship from WATCHMEN. Behold Archimedes:

I’ve also noticed a trend where people aren’t premiering toys or collectibles as much anymore. Seems that’s now all at Toyfare every year, so forgive anything that’s already known, but I’m including because it looks cool to me. You won’t have to worry about that with this batch, though. Weta unveiled their Halo line, which was pretty sweet:

I also grabbed a pic of their Reepicheep:

Gentle Giant had some cool shit, too, like 30 DAYS OF NIGHT collectibles, an awesome creepy Freddy figure, some cool WALL-E and BOLT figures as well as really beautiful busts from THE WIZARD OF OZ:

And check out these DARK CRYSTAL prototypes… forgot who’s doing these, but very sweet:

These are old, but I love them. I want them in my house now. From NECA:

Now lets look at the SPIRIT booth:

And now some toys (I think these are pretty new):

Here are a couple Angel of Death pieces, the first a toy, the second a lifesize Bust by Sideshow:

And here’s a look at the Monster from FEAST II:

This is a drill vehicle from the GI JOE film, although pics of this came out of a recent New York con:

And the Iron Monger made an appearance at the Marvel booth:

Bond’s new ride did as well (albeit not in Marvel’s booth):

And finally a trip to Eric Powell’s GOON booth showed a new In Production Poster for the upcoming animated feature being helmed by David Fincher. Take a look:

That’s what caught my eye during the hectic preview night. Tomorrow’s a long day with 9 interviews on the schedule and a full day of panels. You’ll see updates from damn near everything from Beaks, Capone and myself, so keep your eyes peeled! -Quint

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