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Time/Warner Has Lon Chaney's LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT?!?!?!? Use Dark Knight Money - Restore - Release - NOW!

Hey folks, Harry here... I can't imagine this is a true story. I'd like to think that, but given the state of studio storage and organization and the abuse of film preservation... I've always felt that LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT was not GONE, but misplaced. The first book that I remember wanting to read as a kid was FACES, FORMS & FIGURES - a book on Lon Chaney. And that 15,000 copies of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND were stored in my bedroom - I'm a hardcore vintage Horror fan. And as such, I've dreamt of seeing the last classic Lon Chaney horror film... my entire life. Today - a fella named CarnyTrouble sent me a link... This Link and asked me to publicize this. THE HYPNOTIST - If you work at Time/Warner's Turner Entertainment Company, 5890 W. JEFFERSON BLVD,, LOS ANGELES, CA 90016. The facility was later also known to some as Bonded Film Storage... Get this print into the hands of an Archivist IMMEDIATELY! Every frame needs to be scanned and saved. This is literally the most holy of cinematic Holy Grails. I'd pay $10,000 to see the film in a theater.... on top of flying to wherever on the planet it was playing. And I bet I'm not alone. However, I'd prefer for y'all to save the film, make new, non-explosive prints - and do an astonishingly successful Art House and Revival release followed by a pristine Digital Release for Home Theater Aficionados to watch with eyes welled up with tears that thousands upon thousands - maybe millions have been dreaming to shed. If you're an archivist - demand to follow through with the following information at This Link! Do it for yourself, Lon Chaney and everyone that has ever dreamt of seeing that film! PLEASE!

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