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Wanna See Some Of Bill Sienkiewicz's Art He Did For DARK KNIGHT?!?!?

Hey folks, Harry here... With Comic Con coming up - I just figured that you'd dig something like this. You see, I've been a fan of Bill Sienkiewicz's artwork ever since he did an astonishing JOKER in my father's convention sketchbook. It's fairly intense. Wildly sardonic - and from that sketch I've followed Bill's work through every title he's touched. And I dream of the day I see Warlock translated to screen. But Bill decided he wanted to share some of his astonishing artwork which was done for the production as well as the promotion of DARK KNIGHT - the move all of you paid to see 3 times this weekend apparently. Now - if you're going to Comic Con - you can check out Bill's originals at Booth #2419! And if you do - you're one lucky bastard, Bill's originals are a thing of exquisite beauty! If you want to see more of Sienkiewicz's work go to BillSienkiewiczArt.Com - Thanks goes to Bill and Sal for Debuting this art on AICN!

For some curious reason - Warners has asked that these be removed - enjoy them at Comic Con where you'll see the originals!

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