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Learn What WATCHMEN Creator Alan Moore Thinks Is America’s Best Television Show Ever!!

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It’s ComicCon weekend, and Entertainment Weekly has an interesting interview with “Watchmen” creator Alan Moore, whom I believe to be the best comic-book writer on the planet. Among the revelations is Moore thinks HBO’s “The Wire” is “the most stunning piece of television that has ever come out of America, possibly the most stunning piece of television full-stop.” He’s also “a very big fan” of “South Park” and does not rule out getting into the TV game himself if he could get the kind of support David Simon enjoyed on “The Wire.” Other highlights from the interview have nothing to do with television: * He’s wary of the fact that “Watchmen” is being helmed by “300” director Zach Snyder. “I've not seen any recent comic book films, but I didn't particularly like the book 300. I had a lot of problems with it, and everything I heard or saw about the film tended to increase [those problems] rather than reduce them: [that] it was racist, it was homophobic, and above all it was sublimely stupid.” * He thinks ComicCon, which he no longer attends, is “a bit overwhelming and creepy.” * He says the pacing of “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” has changed substantially now that the series has moved from DC Comics to Top Shelf. Read all of EW’s interview with Moore here.

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