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John Connor is pissed...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with one of the preview pics from TERMINATOR: SALVATION that Entertainment Weekly grabbed for their Comic-Con edition of the mag. In it we see what appears to be John Connor getting up in a broken terminator's grill after throwing his helicopter on the poor metal sumbitch. This is a weird project... I know, I'm being Captain Obvious there, but I've heard rumor about a 65 foot tall T-800 that I haven't been able to confirm... but I also haven't been getting any denials, either. Also, nothing in the trailer or in this pic really feels like Terminator to me. Maybe that's a good thing... But Christian Bale as John Connor is a great move and here's hoping the rest of the project lives up to Bale's gold standard. Here's the pic. Click to make big.

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