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We're All Watching The WATCHMEN Now In Glorious Quicktime HD!!!

Holy Shit It's Awesome At APPLE!!!

Hey Folks, Harry Here... I'm ready. I'm so ready. In fact, I can't really talk right now - I'm watching the trailer repeatedly. The crazy fucking thing is... it looks like a WATCHMEN movie. Watching Manhattan move is bliss, the Martian palace forming, Rorschach's mask moving, just... well everything. Zach has really made a WATCHMEN movie. It's very real and so friggin far away. But it is in fact a very real and actual thing. Giddy doesn't cover it. I'm just praying that when I see DARK KNIGHT tonight at the Imax, that we get to see this trailer - cuz if so, I'll need a catheter. If EMPIRE apparently wasn't supposed to have the trailer up yet, and Warners is shutting down the YouTube spot. Seems the filmmakers want you all to experience the trailer in the theater tonight. I get that. I've only seen the trailer about 40 times today - and ya know... when it plays tonight at the sold out screening of DARK KNIGHT - and the audience loses its shit... I will be seeing it for the first time. With an audience - on a screen the size of which dwarfs my pants. What watching the trailer a billion times on the internet does for me - is it trains my eye to absorb the detail and richness of a trailer on the big screen. I literally can not wait to see Manhattan in Vietnam zapping that guy! That said - look for the HD debut of the trailer on APPLE at some point shortly - we'll have it added onto this page as soon as it comes up!

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