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Going to Comic-Con? Wanna meet Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman AND see a rough cut of MUTANT CHRONICLES?

UPDATE: 5:03pm CST Saturday, July 12th! I finally arose from my slumber and checked the email... well over 200 people have written in, so I can safely assume our 50 seats are gone. I'll compile the winners tonight and email those who entered letting them know if they made it or not!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. So, if you're like me the fact that the San Diego Comic-Con Website has posted their Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday schedule has gotten you all giddy inside, knowing that the whirlwind of nerdgasmic excitement is just around the corner. To add on to that fire, let's give away some seats to the big old Mutant Chronicles screening happening Saturday night, July 26th.

As you can see, it's open to anyone with a badge, but Thomas Jane has offered to hold AICN readers 50 seats that will be given away here. So that means your name will be on a list and you will not need to wait in line. You just need to show up 15 minutes before showtime to claim your seat in a roped off section filled with other AICNers like you. To make it even more special, you will be told where to go after the screening for a private pow-wow with Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman to discuss anything you'd like, from the film you just saw to what you ate for dinner. Whatever. And this will be just for you guys. The only thing you need to do is email with the subject line Make Mine Mutant, give me your full name (and that of your guest) and promise me you're going to be at the Con and that you'll show. You can ask for one guest, but only one. Get your lazy friends on to email me themselves if you need more than 2 seats! When I fill those 50 seats that's it, so first to email get it. I've had a long, long day, so I'm going to sleep and will check up on the mailbox in the AM. I'll update this post when the seats have been spoken for! Good luck!

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