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Favreau Now On Board IRON MAN 2??

Merrick here...
Deadline Hollywood's Nikki Finke says issues have been resolved between Jon Favreau & Marvel, and that Favreau has now made a deal to return for the next IRON MAN film.
Marvel Studios and Iron Man director Jon Favreau have reached a deal for him to helm the sequel, due out in 2010.
...according to THIS POST at Deadline Hollywood. Highly-publicized posturings and shenanigans a few weeks back suggested Jon might not be offered the gig...or choose return to the director's chair even if he was. No word on how (or IF) Favreau signing on will impact the film's already-announced 2010 release date. Favreau has previously indicated concern about such a tight time frame; essentially saying that he and Downey don't wanna do a knock-off (my wording, not his).

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