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NEW UPDATE 1:40 PM CST USA!! So, SUPERMAN Has Now Been Offered To A Director Who Isn't Bryan Singer??

Merrick again...
So, you may've noticed a Talkback from Louis Leterrier below (or find it HERE). Some of you have asked if the post was really from Louis. It is. I know this because he contacted me via e-mail with an almost identical message, claiming that some confusion is afoot regarding what was said in yesterday's AlloCine Q&A: Louis said:
What I meant was that I had been told about a possible reinvention of Superman. Not that I was offered the job.
I don't speak French, so I can't speak authoritatively about what Louis said, or how it was said, in the chat. However, I can say that I've received multiple e-mails from readers in France, all of whom interpreted Louis' comments about being asked to direct SUPERMAN in exactly the same way. Just wanted to make sure you have all sides of the story for the moment.

Merrick again...
Frenchie sent in a brief message with more details from yesterday's Q&A with Leterrier. Leterrier was asked about his interest in multiple projects...SUPERMAN included. Frenchie says it went down like this:
Leterrier indeed says that "maybe they have already asked me" about directing Superman 2. Here's his comments about the other movies named: He'd totally direct Alien 5, in fact he's good friends with Sigourney Weaver. He'd like it to be the last movie, "bringing it full circle" He'd never do a Predator movie Spidey 4 would depend on the screenplay He wouldn't do a Narnia; not his thing. He's not too thrilled about Halo. He like the game but "meh" to a movie adaptation. Harry Potter 7: why not Indiana Jones 5: Yes if it's with Harrison Ford, no if it's with Shia. Shriek 5: No. Hulk 2: Of course... -Frenchie

"Not if it's with Shia." Funny! Huge thanks to Frenchie for the follow-up, and to Matthieu for the original message. What I really want to know now is: when they asked Louis to direct SUPERMAN, what was his answer?

Merrick here...
We've been hearing hints for a while not what Bryan Singer's SUPERMAN RETURNS sequel might take a radically different form than many of us first thought...including not having Singer on-board at all. Today, this may be closer to reality. I believe the Q&A referenced below went down yesterday; looks like the e-mail experienced a slight delay when dropping in. This is from AICN reader Matthieu...his message pretty much speaks for itself.
On Leterrier is doing right now a Q&A with fans. When one asks if he would say "YES" or "NO" to several movies, it just got interesting: "the new SUPERMAN ?" Louis answered something like this : "Funny that you mentioned Superman... because, hum, maybe they asked me...." If you want me to translate the whole video, just ask.... Matthieu
Hmmmmm. Is Leterrier (who brought us THE INCREDIBLE HULK) the director/associate recently alluded to by WANTED's Mark Millar, who is angling to set-up his own SUPERMAN project? Or, are the Leterrier discussions happening outside of (and are therefore unrelated to) Millar's endeavor? This may all be unconnected to Millar's pitch...Leterrier is already remaking CLASH OF THE TITANS at Warner Bros., so his being courted for other Warner properties would be both natural and logical. I haven't been able to locate a transcript of the chat mentioned by Matthieu, and I don't speak French. If anyone out there can confirm any of this (i.e. by offering more details from the chat, or by other means), please drop me a line! More on this as more comes in...

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