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Doubt Quentin Tarantino All You Want - But INGLORIOUS BASTARDS Will Carve Its Mark Into Your Skull When It Is Done!

Hey folks, Harry here - First a warning. I recommend, that other than this piece - you stay away from reading any other review or article or talkback for INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. This film will be the best movie that Quentin Tarantino has made yet. It is not an adaptation of the original exploitation War film called INGLORIOUS BASTARDS - In many ways - I'm not entirely sure if it is strictly a "Men on a Mission" film either. Oh sure - there's a mission. There are men. But there's so much more. There's revenge. There's a tender love story. There's the power of cinema, not as a metaphor, but as a literal tool to be something astonishing. In a way - the film plays to me as something like GUNS OF NAVARONE meets MALENA meets CINEMA PARADISO along with a ton of just stuff we don't have references for. It does celebrate the possibilities within a cinematic universe and in many ways - it's not a gigantic movie in anyway other than ambition. Much of the film takes place in Nazi Occupied Paris - and I couldn't help it as I read the script, but to imagine actors like Gregory Peck, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henreid, etc in these roles as opposed to a modern cast. That said - God-willing - some brilliant studio will see that this isn't a recreation of history - slavishly playing to graven memory of war, but a film. A work of pure imagination unleashed upon the cinematic setting of World War II. It's a movie meant to make you giddy about going to a movie. About what could be waiting for you inside. There's a hefty amount of subtitled sequences - as German, Italian, French are all spoken - along with English. This is there to just add to the illusion of reality. To lull you into a feeling of the real world. This is a film about sacrifices and noble causes, about restoring possibilities to stories instead of limits. And it's about making an audience scream in elation. SCREAM. Audiences will scream, clap and cheer by the end of the film - Oh - and it is absolutely worth the wait. So happy. You want to know a little bit about what happens? Basically - it's a story about an all Jewish American unit sent behind the lines into Nazi Occupied France with the mission to kill as many Nazis and cause as much trouble as humanly possible. It's also about a girl that saw her family killed that finds a home and a life as a theater operator in Nazi Occupied Paris. It's also about the greater glory of the Third Reich - and how we all hate those guys! Do not allow yourself to find out how everything comes together. Anybody that would spoil this film is just a complete evil fucking cocksucker of the lowest dog pissing on a wall to mark his territory variety. The script has just begun to leak - obviously others will get it - and like most of Quentin's scripts - I'm sure it will become widely available soon. All I'm saying is this - if you do get the script - respect others' rights to not have the experience ruined. If you read the script, you earned the spoilers - you read at an increasing rate of speed desperate to find out the next twist - and there's a point around the middle of the script where you realize where it is all headed - and you just hope to fucking god it gets there. Will it? Or does it give you something even better? I won't say - but be wary of the traditional media on this one. Those fuckers never respect the fun stuff. They'd ruin it in a heartbeat. Me - I really want to just time travel to see Quentin's version of this movie - I hope he finds a studio that loves this as much as I do. I hope the casting live ups. I can't wait to see the trailers and the posters. I'm giddy. This is going to be so much fucking fun!

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