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Hey folks, Harry here - the art that was on this page was never a production piece. It was never a design that the filmmakers developed - and wasn't even a REJECTED design. This was a work of art that was done out of pure ON HIS OWN status by a very talented artist... who has asked us to remove it and put up this disclaimer.

Merrick here...
Driven to further investigate recent confusion surrounding Gort's appearance in THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL remake, AICN reader ThunderChild did some digging and found an interesting item. Remake director Scott Derrickson recently referenced having considered multiple approaches to Gort, including ideas which deviated significantly from the "classic robot" design of Robert Wise's 1951 film (more on Derrickson's approach HERE). Such deviation was evident in our early script review of the remake, in which Gort was not even called "Gort" & had a design which shifted between Totem-like & quadrupedal. Which brings us back to ThunderChild, who found a web site for concept artist Lorin Wood (HERE. Wood's working on THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL remake, and posted a concept rendering of Gort from the new film
ThunderChild notes that this iteration of the robot seems influenced by the current BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Cylon Centurions - and this would be a very fair comparison. NOTE: Derrickson has clearly indicated that the Gort we'll see in the remake was, ultimately, significantly informed by the design of the original robot...evidenced by this glimpse of the robot from the trailer: So, take the concept art above as nothing more than a follow-up regarding, and a glimpse into, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL's development process - referenced by the film's director last week.

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