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UPDATED! Stop the Goddamn Strike! Tarantino's INGLORIOUS BASTARDS Is Out to Studios!

Beaks here...

Update: Nikki Finke is reporting that Tarantino is courting Brad Pitt to star in INGLORIOUS BASTARDS! She's also revealed which studios are being targeted: Universal, Sony, Warner Brothers, Paramount and Cannon. BTW, I've received one script today and it wasn't INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. Let's do something about that, studio assistants. Fuck your job, I need to read this shit. Finally, I don't care if William Smith is 74. He could still whip your ass.

You know what this means? There's .pdf copy of INGLORIOUS BASTARDS making the agency/studio assistant rounds as we speak, which should put a draft of the script on my hard drive by... the end of the day? Drip forth, oh leaky USS Hollywood! But will it be financed outside of The Weinstein Company? And what does that mean for Harvey? It'd be interesting to see a Tarantino film go out under a studio logo, but let Nikki Finke worry about that; I just want the fucking movie made, man. It's taken the better part of this decade for Tarantino to beat his "men on a mission" screenplay into shape, but the wait will undoubtedly be worth it if BASTARDS builds on the movie-movie brilliance of his previous two pictures. Frankly, I'm glad Tarantino didn't rush into this project back in 2000; with KILL BILL and DEATH PROOF, he was able to gradually expand his visual vocabulary to the point where, now, no one can possibly question his ability to pull off a full-on combat film. He's ready to make war, baby! Timing is everything, and it surely can't be a coincidence that Tarantino is gearing up for INGLORIOUS BASTARDS at the exact moment that the Enzo G. Castellari inspiration is heading to DVD (better order that three-disc pronto!). If this strike nonsense gets settled soon, INGLORIOUS BASTARDS should be ready to rock-and-roll before the year is out, which means we'll finally get to see if QT can make good on his promise to bring together Sly, Bruce, Arnold and every other classic action hero from our childhood. I'd love to see the rest of the cast filled out with guys like Bo Svenson, James Ryan and the great William Smith. For starters. Vern would probably ask that you make room for Seagal, too.

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