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Must-watch!! Channel 4 Takes You on a Tracking Shot Tour of Stanley Kubrick's THE SHINING!!

Beaks here... To promote their forthcoming season of Stanley Kubrick films (scheduled to coincide with the late director's eightieth birthday on July 26th), Channel 4 has done something quite insane. They've meticulously recreated the set of THE SHINING for a sixty-five-second, behind-the-scenes tracking shot. It's an appropriately obsessive gesture - one that Kubrick himself would've enjoyed (once he was done fretting over some microscopic piece of minutiae they either misplaced or forgot to include). The corresponding article at The Guardian explains how they pulled it off (replete with a 25mm Cooke lens). Read and marvel. The series of ten films will begin on July 15th, with Jon Ronson's documentary, CITIZEN KUBRICK, kicking it all off. And that'll be available in the U.S. when exactly? If you've never read Ronson's "Citizen Kubrick" piece for The Guardian, remedy that when you get a chance. (Thanks to MovieCityNews for the find!)

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