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Merrick yet again... As anticipated, this trailer is now available in all forms of Glorious QuickTime over at Apple. Shine Klaatu's Gortish robotic sidekick to go there!

Merrick again... Here's a YouTube of the trailer linked below. Lower quality, but infinitely faster.
Also, regarding Gort being in the film... Uncapie's script review of the remake (linked below) says that Klaatu has a machine called "Totem", which fulfills some of the same protective purposes as "Gort", but wasn't at all designed to evoke the bad ass 1951 robot. The last shot of this trailer suggests the film makers may've reconsidered their approach & incorporated a humanoid "Gort" counterpart. Hope it's not some kind of bait-and-switch. We'll let you know when an officialer/faster version of the trailer goes online. --- ORIGINAL ARTICLE FOLLOWS ---

Merrick here...
We've received many e-mails asking when this day would come... We'd heard rumors this trailer would be attached to prints of HANCOCK. Is it? No trailers whatsoever ran before the promotional screening I attended. We've wondered what kind of strange, twisted reality lead to Keanu Reeves assuming the role of one of Science Fiction cinema's most authoritative characters, and imagined what it would feel like when he did. We pondered if there was any point whatsoever in remaking a decidedly classic film - most of us summarily shat upon the notion. We read Uncapie's review of the script [HERE], which revealed a Gort-less project with an eco-friendly message which abolished many of the original film's conceits. And then we what end? And here are some answers. has posted the trailer for Scott Derrickson's remake of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, available in streaming video and several forms of Glorious QuickTime. Have our worst fears been realized? Or, is there any hope at all?


Presumably this will soon be released through other, less draggy channels. We'll update as soon as this occurrs.

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