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Big Fudgie's mondo tello 'bout new Ja Ja toon shozen !!!

Glen here...

...wizum berry, berry bombad newsen.

Mesa tinkin dis tello is poodo, but beezen yours humbolt survant an all - mes passen dis onto yousa sos yousa can tink bout it while steerin' yous Heyblibber.

Mesa taken dis tello wiz an heapin graino salt, and mesa tinkin you'd be muy muy careful 'for yousa goes belivin' such snarfelblasters.

BIG FUDGIE sendsum message onda Netinner, ifin he's good 'might be a mondo tello. Ifin he's wrongo, be more better for all.

Big Fudgie wrote:


Animated Series based on characters from Star Wars: Episode I

Fox Kids Network, Fall Schedule 1999

Apparently a half hour show about Jar Jar Binks as a pod racer. He takes Anakin's place as a racer for Watto, as thanks for Anakin's saving Naboo and the Gungans. He races on a different planet every episode and gets into adventures along the way.

Each show is bookended by live action sequences with the "real" Jar Jar introducing and concluding the story.

The premiere episode features a guest spot by Jake Lloyd as Anakin. Word is the shooting for this sequence looked "a bit silly".

- Big Fudgie

Ye gods! Whatdey tinkin'? Let's all be holdin' appendages and prayin' Big Fudgie's tello is nutsen, okedey?

'Ceptin my Glenlet tinks dis groovin' bombadassness !!!


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