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Ready for this GOON fans? Eric Powell's comic book optioned... by someone really cool...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I was turned onto Eric Powell's THE GOON early last year and have been keeping up with it regularly. It's a twisted and fucking hilarious series following a deformed hard case as he deals with the undead, Lovecraftian creatures and gypsy curses. Think a depression-era Hellboy with an even more twisted sense of humor. Now it looks like it has been optioned to be made into a CG animated feature by noneother than David Fincher. That is at once both amazing and scary. Amazing because Fincher is a perfect tie for this material, even if he only ends up producing it, and scary because Fincher seems to like to collect comic books and keep them in development for years and years (see TORSO). But I think if Fincher can bring in a smart, like-minded director and kind of Tim Burton/A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS The Goon... I think that's the best case scenario for us. That way we keep getting Fincher live-action films and we also get a real lovingly crafted Goon animated movie.

This could be awesome, guys. Now they just gotta keep Frankie's eyes pupil-free... Head over to Eric Powell's page to read the announcement by clicking the piece of art below!

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