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Chicago!! Capone Tells You How To Catch HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY!!

Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here. Hope you all have big plans to relax this upcoming holiday weekend. That's right, take it easy, rest up; you'll need your strength, especially if you're a Chicago-area fan of HELLBOY. Thanks to the good folks at Universal and our good buddy Guillermo Del Toro, we've got the exclusive Ain't It Cool News Chicago screening of HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY on the evening of Wednesday, July 9. We've got more than 200 seats to fill, so your chances of winning are probably decent, I'm guessing. Without giving anything away, I know that Harry has something really special planned for the Austin AICN screening of this film, and I’m jealous beyond words. That being said, you Chicago-area folks get to see freakin' HELLBOY 2 early! Did I mention that? We've all had different selection this summer about what films we've REALLY been waiting to see. And as much as IRON MAN, DARK KNIGHT, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, WALL-E, and many others have been high on my anticipatory list, HELLBOY 2 tops it. This is the one I've been holding my breath for since May. Oh baby. Each winner can bring one guest. Here's what you need to do to win. Stray one iota from this, and your entry gets tossed onto a pit of hellfire embers.

Send me an email at: with the subject line: WHAT THE HELLBOY?! I want your full name and the full name of your guest. If you don't know who you're bringing yet, at least let me know that you are bringing someone so I can put you down as a "Plus 1." In the body of the email, in 100 words or less, answer the following question: "In what way(s) is Guillermo Del Toro a Demigod?" That's right! I asked it! This is the man who has brought us so much wonder and terror over the years, so I'm not above sucked up a little bit. My mission here is to pack the theater with Del Toro disciples, who will watch HELLBOY 2 with the proper reverence and enthusiasm that it deserves. I want this to be a religious revival, complete with speaking in tongues, bleeding from the eyes, the whole deal.

The deadline for the contest is Saturday, July 5. I'll post the winners on the site Monday or Tuesday of next week. Good luck, everyone.


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