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Our first real look at sci-fi war flick THE MUTANT CHRONICLES!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I met Thomas Jane during my time on the set of THE MIST. Ever since then, I'll get an occasional email or phone call from him and the latest one of those was a couple days ago regarding a film he's in called THE MUTANT CHRONICLES. I actually visited the pre-production offices of this film long before I went to The Mist and liked what I saw. Everything was very steam-punk and the future war that is the background of the story was very WW1 inspired... trench warfare, etc. The pre-production art was very impressive. Jane wanted to give me a heads up that there was going to be a screening of the film during Comic-Con in San Diego and asked if I wanted to give out some tickets via AICN. We're still hammering out the details on that, but I can tell you this... It'll be Saturday night, 10pm in a 2,000 seat Hall at the Convention Center. It looks like there's going to be a block of seats held for AICN readers and we'll give those seats away soon. The screening will be the first public screening of the film and will be attended by Simon Hunter, the director, Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman. I just met up with Perlman on a recent overseas set visit, actually, and both Tom Jane and Perlman say this flick is something they're proud of. I've talked to both of them about stuff they've done and they've been completely unfiltered about their opinion, having been very blunt about bad experiences and bad films in their filmography, so I'd lean towards them not jerking my chain for publicity sake on this one. Plus, I've now seen the teaser trailer and it looks like a lot of fun. Jane is hosting it on his website, but wanted you guys to be the first to see it, so he's premiering the link here. CLICK IT HERE TO VIEW THE TEASER! The film isn't finished yet, but I'm told the model work is excellent and the flick runs pretty intense. I'm planning on being at the screening in San Diego, so hopefully I'll see some of you folks there. Keep an eye out for the ticket giveaway, which should be sometime in the very near future!

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