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Ratner Talks BEVERLY HILLS COP 4 Rating & Timeframe!! But How Many $$$s Are Needed To Drag Eddie Back??

Merrick here...
Early last month, Brett Ratner did an interview with MTV regarding BEVERLY HILLS COP 4. A particular quote in the interview lead many to the logical conclusion that the new BHC project would have a considerably softer tone/rating than its predecessors.
When asked what is biggest challenge would be, Ratner seemed to indicate that his new film would be geared towards a very PG audience. “10-year-old kids, 12-year-old kids don’t really know the old ‘Beverly Hills Cop.’ So it’s an opportunity to make it new for kids,” Ratner said. “The same way it felt for me watching ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ when I was a kid, that’s what I want to do for kids today.”
...said THIS POST at MTV. Kellvin Chavez over at Latino Review caught up with Ratner recently & asked him about the target rating for the fourth film. He seems to have changed his tune a little, contradicting his previous quote. Ratner, in no uncertain terms, told Kellvin that the film will be "a hard core R". He also indicates an intent to shoot next year. Read more about LR's Ratner encounter...


Okay, so, now that Ratner's intent & timetable seems to be properly'll this play with Eddie Murphy? Extra's website posted a brief interview with Murphy yesterday in which he said he was thinking about leaving film & going back to stand-up after the release of MEET DAVE this Summer.
"I have close to fifty movies and it's like, why am I in the movies?" he said, adding, "I've done that part now. I'll go back to the stage and do standup."
When asked about appearing in the previously announced BHC 4, Murphy indicated he didn't want to be in it because...
"the movie wasn't ready to be done."
You can find his interview with Extra HERE. So, we have Ratner going for a "hard core R" rating & planning to shoot next year...and Murphy saying he wants to leave film & doesn't think BHC4 is ready to be made. How should such disparate infobits be reconciled? If I had to guess, I'd say both clues & resolution lie in Murphy's comment to Extra about why he signed onto John Landis' BEVERLY HILLS COP 3...
"They said this is how much we're going to pay you. I said, 'let's go shoot it! I don't care if the script ain't right."
Seems pretty clear to I missing something?

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