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Major Garland Briggs Has
Entered The White Lodge:
Don S. Davis

I am – Hercules
Don S. Davis, the busy character actor who played Major Garland Briggs on “Twin Peaks,” has passed away. He was 65. Davis' role on “Peaks” may have inspired producers to cast him as military men on other sci-fi shows, including Captain William Scully (Dana’s pop) on “The X-Files” and Major General George Hammond on “Stargate SG-1.” One of his final filmed appearances was for the direct-to-DVD movie “Stargate Continuum,” which hits shelves July 29. Before turning to acting, he was a real-life U.S. Army officer. His list of credits on IMDb is huge, and demonstrates his penchant for playing a wide array of authority figures, including judges, principals, correctional officers and doctors. Read more about Don S. Davis here.

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