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Buckeye falls in love with Guillermo & HELLBOY 2!!! Plus Guillermo's KIMMEL appearance!

Hey folks, Harry here again - this time with Guillermo's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel - I know we don't usually post talk show performances - but dammit - he talks about Hobbit and Hellboy - but more than that - it gives you a taste of why Guillermo is the cutest guy ever:

Hey folks, Harry here... Guillermo had his premiere in LaLaLand last night and a new contributor was in attendance and got his review in before Moriarty's... go figure. I've heard that this film is knocking people out that didn't really like the first one, so I think Guillermo has solved some of the first film's flaws. Can't believe I have to wait till July 8th for the big Austin screening... but that's cool, we'll have Guillermo, Doug Jones and Mike Mignola to console our anxious hearts. Here's Buckeye with his look at Del Toro's latest...

Hey Harry, long time reader, first time writer... Holy crap! I just got back from the Hellboy II premiere and after party… let me tell you, as a Midwesterner (Ohio to be exact), this experience was amazing! I know you probably want to hear about the movie and everything right this second but let me start by commenting on the cast and the rest of those involved with this movie. They are classy people. Selma Blair? Shook my hand and got a hug, looked stunning btw. Ron Perlman? Signed an autograph for my little brother and was really appreciative of me coming out. And finally Guillermo… I really don’t know if I can say anything that will do this man justice. A true gentleman, the kind of guy I look up to. I talked to him after the film for probably a good 10 minutes and he invited me to have a drink with him! He comes to the party with his wife on his arm and children at hand, something you don’t see in Hollywood very often. The man was funny, intelligent and the most down to earth man I’ve ever met. Now its time for me to get to the meat. Let me warn though, I’m not talking about the story (for the most part), just my reaction to it. I stood up and said “Wow”. That’s really all I could say after this movie. Honestly, the vision, the environments and creatures are one of the most spectacular feats on film I have ever encountered. A friend and I discussed how we would like to see what happens in Guillermo’s nightmares, and that it would probably look something like the world he’s created. I told Guillermo after the show “Do you remember the first time you saw Star Wars (New Hope)? Yea, that’s how I felt”. Sorry to invoke one of the Holy Trinities, but I really got sucked in. This film is witty, caring, and still able to kick your ass or burn it depending on your beat down of choice. The creatures are really what set this apart for me. I, like many, am sick of the CGI driven movie world we live in today and was overjoyed at the use of makeup and costumes in this film. Though there still was a fair amount of CG, it was used tastefully and when it was necessary. The troll market really reminds me of Mos Eisley in almost every way. The tone of this movie was pretty much if you took Pan’s Labyrinth and took Hellboy (original) and placed them in one of those fancy Margarita machines and added a dash of Lord of the Rings-style Elvin smackdown to it. I hope that was coherent, Its real late! The fight scenes were spot on as well. As with the first film, the fights are over the top action, but not too over the top like say Shia swinging from vines in Indy or anything. Right amount of ass kicking with the sarcastic interludes from Red himself, Perlman once again is spot on. The comedy? Subtle and impressive as always, sometimes to the point that if you aren’t paying attention, you won’t catch the little jokes. There were a few points where I was cracking up, but that’s just me and it doesn’t take much, I’ll leave the judgment up to you. Just remember to bring a six pack of Tecate Light when you go to see it! (You’ll get it later…). The romantic side works really well (hit close to home for me) and with a possible SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER, I hope this means we get to see more Hellboy….s. END SPOILER Danny Elfman delivers as always creating a score that fits the movie perfectly, and if you listen it’ll make sense. I wish I could have caught all the nuances but the screen was exploding with sexy sweetness the whole time! Of course every film has flaws. I keep reading places “What about the blue flame!?!?! Wtfffff”. They don’t really explain it in the movie, but I think it’s not blue anymore because she’s got it under control now so it doesn’t burn as hot and nasty. That’s one I noticed. Other being…hmm… Not enough Selma? I don’t know, I’m sure some of you trolls will find them. I was too in awe to catch many. Anyway, Guillermo asked me to come home and write a good one for him, so in honor of my new hero, I hope this is sufficient. Get the word out… This movie rocks! Thanks for the opportunity to buy passed AICN… you guys are awesome! I am the Buckeye and I’m tired!!
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