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Wanna Know Who Stars In DC’s WONDER WOMAN DVD Movie??

I am – Hercules!!
On the “Batman: Gotham Knight” DVD due in two weeks, there’s a 10-minute featurette on the upcoming animated Wonder Woman DVD movie directed by Lauren Montgomery (“Superman Doomsday”) and based on the 1987 George Perez relaunch that pitted the Amazon princess against god of war Ares. It’s been known for a few months (but not widely publicized) who landed the roles of Diana of Themyscira and Steve Trevor, but the featurette fills us in on three more key roles: Keri Russell: Princess Diana Nathan Fillion: Steve Trevor Alfred Molina: Ares Virginia Madsen: Hippolyta Rosario Dawson: Artemis Fans of the old Lynda Carter show know Steve is Diana’s flyboy love interest; Hippolyta is queen of the Amazons and Diana’s mom. Artemis is the Amazon who threatens to castrate Steve if he comes “within five yards” of Diana. The featurette also reveals that the project’s writer is Michael Jelenic, whose credits include “The Batman” and “Legion of Super Heroes” Saturday-morning TV shows.

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