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Check out the pretty sweet poster for Rob Zombie's Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. People assume I hate Rob Zombie because of my opinion of his HALLOWEEN remake and the rather upset review of his script for the movie. Truth is, I like DEVIL'S REJECTS quite a bit and I think if he focuses his filmmaking he can turn out really fun, disturbing and horrific work. So, when I saw the poster (thanks to a tip off from DDOG) for his upcoming TYRANNOSAURUS REX over at Shock Till You Drop my immediate reaction was, "That's pretty cool," and "Cool tagline." (PS Zombie released it through his MySpace page!) I don't know what the movie's about, but I know it's due for a late '09 release, so I'd say this is something that is made to sell the flick... maybe to foreign markets. Looks fun... it actually looks like something I'd see on the shelf at the mom and pop video store as a kid. The kind of thing that wouldn't be at the chain store, but you could find at the family owned store... that was often run down and smelled like mold, but had the films that kind of felt dangerous to watch. What do you folks think?

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