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INGLORIOUS BASTARDS to be 2 separate films!!!

Hey folks, Harry here - Some days when I open up my mail, I literally feel like the luckiest son of a bitch to draw a breath. In the last couple of weeks - Quentin Tarantino sat down with Enzo Castellari to do an interview with Enzo regarding his awesome exploitation Men on a Mission film... INGLORIOUS BASTARDS... yes, the same title as the film that Tarantino is apparently set to be making soon. Now - there's been some movement on this project at long last. Quentin has been writing on it for over 6 years. And it was always about to be his next film. We've heard casting from Arnold, Sly & Bruce to Tim Roth, Sam Jackson, John Travolta and on and on and on... We've had interviews from those personalities talking about talking about talking with Quentin about the movie... but what's the real story? Well at Cannes - Quentin began talking a bit about how he was set to start shooting. And yet - when? Where? What? It seems years ago at Venice - Quentin sat Enzo Castellari down and discussed INGLORIOUS BASTARDS with him. And watched Enzo's film for the first time on the big screen. He'd seen it a few times as a younger man on Channel 5 - a mythical magical station that apparently ruled the known universe. I never had Channel 5. I had parents with friends with tons of 16mm film prints. I'm not complaning. This interview is meant for Severin Films' DVD release of Enzo Castellari's INGLORIOUS BASTARDS and was conducted in Quentin's home in Los Angeles, where he was hosting Enzo during his stay in Los Angeles. The first big thing we learn is that Quentin has been writing almost non-stop on INGLORIOUS BASTARDS - and that the premise is the basic jumping off point from Enzo's original - that you had a bunch of hardened criminals on a military transport during World War II - that got ambushed by the Nazis. Everyone but the criminals gets killed and the prisoners decide to make their way to neutral Switzerland - and must fight the Nazis and the Allies to get there. It's a true No Man's Land scenario. Well, as Quentin has been writing this - he's done so much research into the actual events of World War II as well as the cinema of World War 2 - that the story kept growing and growing. It became too big for one film - so he's turned it into 2. That's right, INGLORIOUS BASTARDS will be two movies... not unlike KILL BILL. So that's the big news that I found from the interview. In addition - the casting we've all heard for all these years... wasn't casting, but conversations that Quentin has had, that have grown to mythic levels. For the first time, Quentin has decided not to write for the voice of actors he's decided to cast in advance. He felt that one can do that, but then they're limiting what they feel an actor can do with the part. He's decided to write the characters with no specific actor in mind. To allow the character to be everything that character can be and to actually find an actor to become that character. What a novel notion. The opening sequence of Quentin's film is apparently going to be something extraordinary - as Enzo Castellari was geeking out big time just thinking about what Quentin had told him. Classic. Also - during the interview - as Quentin began talking about Enzo's use of Slow Motion - Enzo's enthusiasm for the technique all but convinced Quentin to stage what he has called a sequence in his film - as an epic slow motion scene - but he was still debating it. This is a great interview between these two - Quentin and Enzo talking about Fred Williamson is simply classic. The interview is nearly 40 minutes and very entertaining. It'll also be a great preview of where Quentin is beginning with his next project. The dvd comes out July 29th in a special 3 DVD edition. The film is a jewel. Really something special. You can pre-order it below:

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