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At Last, Some Solid Information On STRAYS!! It Might Kick Ass!?

Merrick here...
Throughout the week we've been trying to figure out what the hell STRAYS was about; all that's seemed certain is that it's being written and produced by Louis Leterrier (the first two TRANSPORTER films, THE INCREDIBLE HULK). Instead of me attempting to re-explain the long, twisted stream of conjecture and misleading teases we've been sifting through in regrads to this project, it's easier for you to simply click HERE...then refresh your memory. Throughout all of this, certain pieces of the puzzle didn't fall into place - story elements weren't connecting or making sense. Frustrating. But, Mr. Northeast recently sent me a message that put STRAYS' storyline into much sharper context. AND, the project sounds far more bad ass than either the initial Hollywood Reporter piece, or our subsequent follow-up, indicated. Here's what Mr. Northeast had to say about STRAYS:
There is a group of young "consultants", but these "consultants" are brilliant HUMANS and have been trained to investigate "unusual" findings for the military (which one I won't say yet). They are "trackers", the "dogs" for the military's special interests unit. The plot revolves around this group of young men and women investigating a radioactive anomaly in Russia, and they disappear. They disappear for years, then begin resurfacing in areas around the world with information both powerful and deadly. The operation becomes to locate all of the military's "strays" (hence the title), to unravel the mystery of their disappearances. But when they begin dying of an unusual malady, the mystery truly begins to unfold.
THAT sounds about right...and sounds much more like Leterrier. There seems to be a great deal of misconception swirling around this film (even in the trades), so hopefully this will help sort out some bad intel. With any luck, we'll have more details for you soon.

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