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I am – Hercules!!
Sam Witwer, better known as “Battlestar Galactica” raptor ECO Crashdown, has been cast as the regular villain Doomsday on “Smallville,” according to Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello. If you’re wondering how you’ll recognize Witwer beneath all that spiky alien makeup, know that the “Smallville” Doomsday is a handsome, witty twentysomething bartender and occasional serial killer whose real name is Davis Bloome. The same Ausiello story indicates that an actress named Cassidy Freeman will play Tess, a blonde supergirl Lex Luthor hired to keep an eye on things while he’s away from Smallville. And that Ollie “Green Arrow” Queen will be a regular next season. Find all of Ausiello’s exclusive here.

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