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Regarding Daranbont's INDY 4 Draft... It Was Only A Matter Of Time...

... and now it looks like the internet has hold of the Frank Darabont draft of INDIANA JONES 4. I'm not going to run the script here, but other sites don't seem to have the same issues with doing so. G4 has posted a review of the bootleg that basically exploded everywhere at the same time earlier today, and a site called PDFScreenplays has posted it as well. There seems to be some debate about whether or not it's real. It's real. That's the Darabont draft. No question at all. If you do choose to read it, you'll be able to see how many of the major story points -- the ants, the fridge and the nuke, the rocket sled -- all have been carried from draft to draft and from writer to writer by Lucas, who gets story credit on this script. You'll also see how much more elegant those elements can be in the hands of a writer who loves Indiana Jones and who actually wanted to see a great Indy movie for this last chapter. I would expect this link will self destruct within the hour, and Paramount will then spend the rest of eternity chasing this thing from site to site to site to site, as is the tendency once anything has leaked in PDF form. So instead of me TELLING YOU what differences there are, now you can see for yourselves and use this talkback to discuss what might have been, what was, and how things went down. Enjoy.

Drew McWeeny, Los Angeles

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