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No Ken or Ryu in the STREET FIGHTER movie

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. DDog sent in a bit of information linking back to the official Streetfighter movie blog where the producers were asked if Ken or Ryu would appear. Nada. It's Chun Lee's flick, they say. CLICK HERE TO READ THEIR COMMENTS! Sure, I played the hell out of the game when I was a kid... I remember spending weekends at the laundromat playing up Streetfighter because it was easier to get game time than fighting for it at the local arcade. But I'm pretty indifferent of a movie version. I'm sure with the right people it could be fun, but I could really care less who is in it and who isn't. Although, I'd love to see Blanka if they keep him more animal than green hairy man. Although I will say that the movie cannot and will not be as entertaining as this:

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