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Sir Ian McKellen To Play The New Number Two In THE PRISONER Remake Miniseries??

I am – Hercules!!
We want information. Information. Information. Six Of One, which bills itself as the official appreciation society for the amazing old British TV series “The Prisoner,” says it has exclusive details on a new AMC/ITV “Prisoner” miniseries: * Ian McKellen will play chief jailer Number Two; * Jim Caviezel will play chief inmate Number Six; * Jon Jones (“Cold Feet”) directs; * Six episodes will be produced; * Shooting starts the first week of August; * It shoots on location in Namibia and South Africa; * It airs next year. I confess I’m not too familiar with Six Of One, but there’s an awful lot of specificity there. Is the casting of big-deal movie star McKellen as Number Two too good to be true? If the shoot starts in less than two months, we’ll likely have some measure of the report’s accuracy sooner rather than later … Find Six of One’s report here.

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