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An Interesting Update On The New MUPPET Movie...

Merrick here...
A while back, we learned that Jason Segel and Nick Stoller had teamed with Disney to bring The Muppets back to the big screen. Which, to many (including myself), is pretty rockin' news. Still, it was hard not to wonder how Segel and Stoller...whose R-rated FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL was released recently...would approach the project. After all, they didn't seem the most obvious choice to resurrect the franchise. Recent interviews have indicated the team was going for a surprisingly traditional Muppet movie. But, a new interview over at IESB reveals how traditional it'll be. And, for my money, they seem to be heading in exactly the right direction...
IESB: Do you think you will try to get Paul Williams back? JS: Oh yeah, absolutely. Those songs were the best. We've written temp songs but we'd like to fill them in with legitimate musician songs. IESB: And the hope is to stay 100% traditional with the Muppets right? JS: Oh yeah, absolutely. IESB: No CGI Muppets or some horseshit. JS: No, no, no. Hopefully it will fall right in the pantheon of The Great Muppet Caper, Muppets Take Manhattan, Muppet Movie, you know, we're trying to make one of those.
...says THIS INTERVIEW at IESB, which goes on to discuss a few more details (obliquely hinting at a PIGS IN SPACE appearance).

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