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Trailer for VALKYRIE Conspires To Involve Us In Its Plot!

Hey folks, Harry here... The screenplay for VALKYRIE is outstanding. The cast and talent impeccable. Yet, there's all this bad word of mouth swirling around the film. Primarily because of it moving from this Holiday season, to next year in the Winter. But was this because the film is trash... or does this have more to do with what happened with LIONS FOR LAMBS last year? An excellent star-studded film buried by higher profile Holiday content. Perhaps moving to the Winter... perhaps it will give them a place to call their own for the film. I am highly anticipating this film. I've yet to hear from someone that has actually seen the film, it could be awful... I just don't think so. Will they do an Awards run for New York and L.A.? With a general release in February? We'll have to see. I like the trailer...

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