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Coolest Fricking TV Show Ever? WOMEN IN CHAINS! - directed by Robert Rodriguez... starring Rose McGowan?!?!?!

Hey folks, Harry here... in Coaxial. I'm not over here much. Usually it's Herc's domain - but from time to time there's a show that gets me excited. This time... it's not a show, not quite yet. You see - today - Execs across the various network and cable outlets are ripping into one of their most anticipated spec show packages they've had in quite some time. It's a project that was conceived and written by Josh Miller and his writing partner M.A. Fortin. Now I can't find out anything about M.A. Fortin - but Josh Miller - I know him. He's the son of Jason "EXORCIST" Miller and Sue "FASTER PUSSYCAT KILL KILL" Bernard. He was also that awesome kid in NEAR DARK. Well, as I heard it - these two decided to head out into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights to conceive and write a Television Show that left a mark... reddish and slightly raised at that. They conceived a show with Sadistic Guards, Cafeteria Hosedowns, Mud Wrestling, Violent Vendettas - a women in prison exploitation show called WOMEN IN CHAINS! Yes, with a fucking exclamation - because that's what this show is... an exclamation. Now here's the astonishing part... Signed on board to produce and direct is none other than Robert Rodriguez! And the pitch perfect for this project ROSE McGOWAN will be starring as one of the 5 main femmes in chains! From what I've heard - the Networks are hunting the show - with Robert and Rose's involvement - they're wanting to take the leap - but I have to say... I've looked at some of this project and while I'm sure in the age of NIP/TUCK - we have the Networks pushing what is showing on Broadcast Television.... I have to say - I'm praying to the big Satellite in the sky - that HBO picks this sucker up. This is classic Exploitation material - kicked up several notches and man... It'd be bliss on HBO. At the same time - I'd be amazed to tune in to just see what the show would get away with on the Networks. I just know this show would own BAD GIRLS! From what I'm hearing - we'll probably hear about the project putting down an anchor somewhere soon this week - but I just felt you folks should hear about it first!

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