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We've got a 1940's Picture of THE MINUTEMEN from WATCHMEN - and tis exclusive for all yous!

Hey folks, Harry here in LaLaLand - I know, I know - 6 days ago I was under the knife - and now here I am after a day of air travel relaxing in my room writing a story about something awesomely geeky cool. If it helps any, I have been having a bitch of shoulder pain - damn co2 bubbles! Anyway - that's not why you're here. Zack Snyder and crew decided that the day after MEMORIAL DAY was probably the most awesome day ever to remember and to expose some of our most awesome heroes of yesteryear. And I say AMEN to that. In the brilliant WATCHMEN story - there's a history - a universe and a specific world that the characters exist in. That's what makes it so great, so thorough and something to pour over. What we have below is a photo that the Minutemen took - Who are the Minutemen? Well in WATCHMEN - it was the first TEAM of superheroes that formed in 1939 and pulled a BEATLES in 1949. In the pic below you'll see the classic SILK SPECTRE and NITE OWL... you'll see CAPTAIN METROPOLIS, MOTHMAN, SILHOUETTE, COMEDIAN, DOLLAR BILL and with the noose... HOODED JUSTICE. I love this photo... just look at those costumes, the hairstyles and makeup. Isn't that classic? It's that attention to detail that I think bodes very well for this project. Cuz with WATCHMEN, the devil's in the details. It is the most richly textured and nuanced comic story ever completed - and this is yet another reason to be excited!

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