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THE INCREDIBLE HULK smashes online with furious anger...

Hey folks, Harry here... Very shortly I'll be introducing a screening of THE INCREDIBLE HULK on June 4th with Louis Leterrier, Tim Roth, Gale Anne Hurd and Kevin Feige all attending... And we've got some great ALAMO style fun to be had at that event... but I'm not quite ready to start that up yet. Meanwhile - today - we've had 3 clips from THE INCREDIBLE HULK hit online. My favorite is this clip that YAHOO got. It's HULK beating the teeth out of ABOMINATION with... well you should watch it. It's hardcore. Then there's this one from IGN - where HULK fights Pre-Abom / Super Soldier Serum Injected Tim Roth:

Then as a follow-up clip to that is this clip that MTV debuted today. One of the key things that we're seeing here is that the HULK is thinking about what he does, before he does it. And is making use of his environment... savagely. I really like that! And I can't wait to see this sucker!

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