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First Wayne played Genghis Khan, then Heston played a Mexican and now Gyllenhaal plays the PRINCE OF PERSIA!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. In the grand Hollywood tradition of casting a well known actor in a role that is out of their ethnicity, Jake Gyllenhaal has been cast as the PRINCE OF PERSIA for Disney's next attempt at making a Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. So has Gemma Arterton, who will be seen as a Bond Girl in QUANTUM OF SOLACE. What the hell, right? I like Gyllenhaal and Arterton is cute. I'm sure we'll get some really solid Middle Eastern actors in supporting roles. I would have loved to have seen this series create a new star and give someone new a chance, but it is Hollywood afterall. Here's hoping it'll be a fun ride from Jerry Bruckheimer. PS While the Variety story is a confirmation that he has signed, Latino Review first broke Gyllenhaal's involvement a month and a half ago!

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