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"Law and Order" tidbit !'!

Glen here...

AL sent in the following message about Law and Order. It's a rather self-explanatory message:

Al wrote:

A friend of mine ran into Sam Waterson at the airport in Toronto.

As he was leaving the plane, an attendant mentioned to him that it was "his fault" that she was working a day shift because she had to book off the night shift the day before so she could watch the L&O season finale.

Waterson was apparently amused, and she asked him what's next for L&O

I guess he was still feeling charitable so he said "well, I can tell you that it looks like Jill Hennesy (who played Asst. D.A. Claire Kincaid from 1993-1996) will be worked in next season".

She and some of the other starstruck L&O fans in the terminal fell silent at that little tidbit - and Waterson did the wry smile thing and was on his way.


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