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UPDATE: Tori Spelling To Join Jennie Garth For CW's New 90210!! ‘We’re Going To Take This Show To A Whole New Level!!’

I am – Hercules!! UPDATE!! Wanda Two Saints over at E! reports Tori Spelling is joining Jennie Garth for The CW's 90210 sequel, and that somebody named Ian Ziering wants in too. Read it all here.

The original “Beverly Hills 90210” was so poorly written even the series’ surfeit of fabulous young actresses could not keep me tuned in. Darren Star, who created the show, turned out to be the hackiest hack in hackdom. The show's enduring popularily continues to confound me. Mind you, I thought perfectly viable the concept of following around a bunch of high school kids with more money than God.

A few months ago we got word that Rob Thomas, who created and oversaw two truly great series – “Cupid” and “Veronica Mars” – was creating a sequel to “90210” for The CW. But when the CW announced its fall schedule last week, Thomas’ name was not on the press release. Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah, who rewrote Thomas’ pilot, are to serve as “90210” showrunners.

Sachs and Judah were on the writing staff of the short-lived and Judd Apatow-steered “Freaks and Geeks,” one of the funniest shows about high school ever forged.

But then Sachs and Judah went off on their own to oversee “Life As We Know It,” a shorter-lived high school hourlong I, for one, didn’t like nearly as much as “Freaks and Geeks.” The crazy grandma from “Arrested Development” plays the horny grandma in the new show. The hot girl from “Full House” plays a hot mom. The kid who played Michael in the last two seasons of “The Wire” plays the adopted son of a rich guy. See if the promo, which seems to contain zero footage from any episode, inspires anticipation or disdain:

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