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From the fabulous Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune:
As Galactica Sitrep noted Thursday, an internet radio show, The Doctor and Mrs. Who, reported last night that up to three “Battlestar Galactica” TV movies may get made later this year. Several sources at the show confirm that those films are indeed being discussed right now. Executives are now doing number-crunching for these proposed films, and any deals for these movies are far from done. However, it would make sense to make more “Battlestar” TV movies while the show’s creative team and actors are still all in one place, as it were.
Ryan further notes that series mastermind Ron Moore is currently writing the series finale, that as many as three movies could be made, and if the movies do get made they'll get made this summer. I’m guessing the plan being bandied about is to air the movies this autumn, before the final 10 episodes of the series finally hit NBC-Universal’s SciFi Channel. I’m also guessing the TV-movies will, like “Razor” and the soon-to-shoot Cylon-genesis project “Caprica,” serve as prequels to the current season-four storylines. Moore has, in a David Chase-like manner, repeatedly rejected the notion of continuing the “Galactica” story beyond its coming series finale. Ryan's story also tells us a new set of webisode shorts will link the first and second halves of season four. Read all of Ryan’s story on the matter here.

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