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Spielberg finally focusing on the other beard... no, not Lucas...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Word on the street has been that Spielberg was quietly developing his Lincoln picture while finishing up on INDY 4. Looks like that word has been proven right. Variety has a story linking to an interview with Spielberg where he discusses the Civil War/Lincoln flick, saying he's hoping to start production early next year, making it a nearly back to back effort with TINTIN, which he shoots this fall. It's a trend he's been doing since JURASSIC PARK/SCHINDLER'S LIST. He goes for the pop film, then the drama. WAR OF THE WORLDS/MUNICH. Now, TINTIN/Lincoln flick. Liam Neeson is still attached to play President Lincoln and Tony Kushner's still on for screenplay. Can't wait for him to get to this one. You?

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