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CLONE WARS trailer hits in HD Quicktime!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... As I was watching CNN HD last night - as Lou Dobbs went to commercial - suddenly a green MPAA trailer screen filled as a voice said, "And now an exclusive look at the new STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS trailer" -- And I watched this trailer and felt glee... You know - the modern Star Wars trilogy - which I did enjoy... but I was always conflicted by the CG... it felt like it wanted to be a cartoon. It seemed that George, honestly, was wanting to have absolute visual control... and that really does work best in the animated format. Watching this trailer - I feel giddy. Giddy, because I get to see an animated STAR WARS cartoon theatrically... and it signals a long running animated series that will be in our lives soon enough. How outstanding is that!?!? Click below to check this new Theatrical Trailer!!!

Click Here For The Clone Wars!!!

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