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Costner Won't Travel THE HOLY ROAD!!

Merrick here...
Kevin Costner isn't keen to reprise his role as John Dunbar, a U.S. Calvary officer who befriends a Sioux tribe and is ultimately embraced by it. Costner starred in, produced, and directed 1990's DANCES WITH WOLVES (Dunbar's first big screen saga), but evidently won't be returning for THE HOLY ROAD - author Michael Blake's sequel (available HERE). HOLY ROAD picks up eleven years after DANCES, finding Dunbar married with children & facing a veritable invasion of white settlers (foretold poetically in the original film). Among the many complications the settlers bring with them is the railroad - one of the symbolic "holy roads" referenced by the title. With Costner not playing ball, HOLY ROAD director Simon Wincer is said to be zeroing in on Viggo Mortensen as a recast lead. No word on if Mary McDonnell (GALACTICA) or other primary actors from the first film (like Graham Greene) will join the production. Wincer previously directed LONESOME DOVE, multiple installments of THE YOUNG INDIANA JONES CHRONICLES, QUIGLEY DOWN UNDER, and...well...THE PHANTOM. More on HOLY ROAD casting matters can be found in THIS ARTICLE at MovieHole.

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