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Harry Steele says INDY IV is the 3rd best of the series!

Hey folks, Harry here... Yes, the film has screened. Yes, these reviews are coming from those screenings. And yes, people are all over the place with the film. Now where am I coming down on all of this? I'm excited. I've just recently rewatched the 3 original Indiana Jones films - and yes I have my plush Indiana Jones sound whip - that I love beating my pom with. That said - I feel that easily I'm giddy for the new film. I know that there's no way on this planet or any other - that it can be better than RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK - but then - that's not what I was ever expecting. That said - I love both of the sequels that I have seen. The elements in this film seem to be far more far fetched than we've come to expect... but in a way - that's what I'm hoping for. If there's aliens, ants, crocs, spaceships, wookies... whatever - I'm excited. Psychic Commies!?!? What's not to love about that? We'll see though. This is the review that I feel is probably going to be more on par with my feelings... at least I hope so... This reviewer sent this in not wanting his name associated, so I'll call him Harry Steele...

So you've probably received quite a few of these by now, so let's just cut to the chase shall we? Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Did I see it? Yes! How? Same as SOME of these other folks. Is it any good? Yes!! /Depends... Explain. Well, I should admit that Raiders, for me, has remained movie magic despite my involvments in the industry. In other words, despite how jaded I am becoming about movies and entertainment, this one and a few select others just remain untouchable classics. Now, I do love Temple of Doom and Last Crusade despite their respective flaws, but Raiders is a perfect movie for me. There's not a wasted second of screen time there. It still captures that wonder that older movies tend to have and newer movies have forgotten. So....? So, I'd put KOTCS in line more with the two sequels - which is by far not a bad thing. I am not surprised that I had this reaction, nor could I think of any way KOTCS could be improved to EVER stand along side Raiders. So there ya go. What's good? Oh, so much. The river chase is among the best chase scenes in the whole series. The ant sequence give the suitable chills. Doomtown is a haunting and fascinating sequence with an interesting ending. The one major death (nope not telling) is handled very well. The shots are impressive and familiar to the series. The acting is good across the board. Ford's Indy this time out is a bit different a bit beat down (a ton more so AFTER the events here for sure), but still witty and clumsy. The rest (especially Winstone) are a perfect fit. Shia? I had my doubts but he was just fine. Most of all it feels like Indy so rest assured, in case you are wondering/worrying...this is an Indiana Jones movie! A book should be written on the numerous ways and reasons this series just blows every other attempt at adventure films out of the croc (also a nice addition) infested water. It will bring broad goofy smiles to your faces. What's not? Well, the snake scene was a bit too illogical even for an Indy movie. While Spalko is well acted, the psychic thing is a bit hard to take ( as it was in the Fate of Atlantis PC game). Also, the end...well, since I'd heard some awful rumors of a cameo overload, I was worried, but while those were thankfully way off, the ending that is here ...well let's just say I'd personally prefer this to be the last adventure we had with Indy. They got this one right - let us not risk it again. Not sure some of us could take the wait. Also, regarding the ending, it's a bit more in line with TOD than the others, but you'll have to see it to understand. So rank em? Easy. Raiders first (see above) Temple of Doom second (close race with LC for me, but the set pieces and serial feel overcome) Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (weird to see another title amongst these others,but it belongs here I am so glad to say) Last Crusade (fun, but uneven). So seriously...after 19's actually good? It's actually very good. Now, people will be mixed on this, though I have a hard time seeing how anyone could say it's actually a BAD film. Some may not like it for whatever personal reason, but that Spielberg magic is still there. It feels like the Spielberg we know and love (well, except for Lost World - bleh). There you go. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is officially Pretty. Damn. Good. And I can not wait to see it with some real folks now! So if you do decide to run this early (spoiler free, poorly written, rushed) look at Indy 4 call me Officially Relieved.
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