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Hey folks, Harry here... For years... over a decade... people have claimed that COMIC BOOK GUY from the Simpsons was based on me. Over all this time - I've deflected it. Oh sure - my parents had a comic book shop that I grew up in - and throughout my college years I sold the best vintage comics and movie posters and rare collectibles at shows all over the country... But - if you learn anything from doing conventions... you realize - that while the visage of COMIC BOOK GUY doesn't fit to everyone... there's almost always at least 9 people in a convention hall that you could think... with your glasses off... was in fact COMIC BOOK GUY - and I'm one of those. Though I do feel that Comic Book Guy is a tad more discerning than me. Well... all the years of denial and labeling him as having nothing... whatsoever to do with me. I can deny it... no more. On tonight's episode of THE SIMPSONS... titled ANY GIVEN SUNDANCE... there's a scene of Comic Book Guy writing a review for his website.... AIN'T I FAT NEWS - well... that kinda settles it. I'M NOW COMIC BOOK GUY!!! Or at the very least - I have now become a contributing satire that they have added to the character. I love that they didn't do a "Harry Knowles" scene... but rather embued a little of my world into Comic Book Guy's world. I think it highly ironic - as yesterday, FREE COMIC BOOK DAY - had me visiting the best comic shop in Texas... AUSTIN BOOKS - and purchasing ace condition copies of DAREDEVIL #1 and CONAN #1... and tonight - as I got the word that "Harry, you were on the Simpsons" from all over the place... I was actually flipping through those awesome original issues and talking with my father about how these were "some of the best comics ever." Here's the image:

This episode... was obviously... Best Simpsons Ever!!!

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