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Indiana Jones & The Glorious Quicktime Trailer - Now in HD!

Hey folks, Harry here... Over at IndianaJones.Com - we have the debut, in Quicktime HD - of the trailer you probably saw on IRON MAN this weekend. The trailer hints at some cool stuff... apparently in the temple of the crystal skull - it is guarded by the living dead. That's cool. There also seems to be some sort of underground testing facility - and man... how much do you love that WILD ONE homage that Steven did with Shia? Yeah? It makes me a tad nervous too. At least he doesn't have the trophy tied to the light. Anyway - here ya go - in 720p happy perfection...

Click to see more of the Adventure!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with THE WILD ONE - I'll include its trailer so you can understand the "homage" that Spielberg and Lucas have for Mutt...

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